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1.   Radio reaches more people than TV sets or daily newspapers.


2.   Radio is often the first news source from 6AM to 6PM.


3.   Radio is everywhere - indoors, outdoors, in cars.


4.   Radio audience stays high and consistent all year long.


5.   Radio programming is selective. Its easy to reach the audience you want.


6.   Radio is cost efficient.


7.   Radio is flexible. It can change and schedule on short notice.


8.   Radio listeners identify with radio personalities which produces consumer loyalty and response.


9.   Radio lets your advertising stand alone.


10. Radio is a high-frequency medium. It can reach listeners a number of times a week - repetition sells.


11. Radio reaches those that won't read a newspaper today.


12. Radio delivers motorists.    


Why is it - a man wakes up in the morning after sleeping under an advertised blanket on an advertised mattress and pulls off advertised pajamas. Takes a bath in an advertised tub, shaves with an advertised razor, washes with an advertised soap, puts on advertised clothes, sits down to breakfast of advertised coffee, puts on an advertised hat, rides in an advertised car, writes with an advertised pencil...Then refuses to advertise, says it doesn't pay. And then, if a business isn't good enough to advertise...he advertises it for sale. If you believe in your business and want to build it, advertise...with us!


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